Visiting Places Soudha - This imposing edifice built almost entirely of dressed Bangalore granite is a tribute to temple architecture. Housing the Legislative Chambers  of the state government, this 46 meter high seat of the government is Bangalore's best known landmark. This is one of Bangalore's most important buildings. Mr. Kengal Hanumanthaiah the then Chief Minister of Mysore decided to construct the Vidhana Soudha entirely along Indian style of architecture. There are four domes on all the four corners. The main entrance is overshadowed by the four headed lion,the symbol of Indian sovereignty. It houses 22 departments and 300 rooms. Lal Bagh Garden: This 240 acre expanse of greenery forms one of India's most beautiful botanical gardens. The credit for this goes to the rulers Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan, who laid out an 18th century paradise with rare trees brought from far off Persia, Afghanistan and France. At the heart of the gardens is situated the Glass House. Its design was obviously inspired by the Crystal Palace, London. Flower shows are held here every January and August, with an impressive participation. National Park - About 18 kms from Bangalore is this beautiful national park. The major attraction is the lion safari, which is a wild stretch of forest set apart for animals. A safari van is also available to tour the park. Tuesday is weekly off and this park is open from 09:00 to 17:00 on all other days. The park has a safari program for Carnivore as well as Herbivore animals. Park - Bennerghatta also has the famous Butterfly Park. This a unique place to have a close encounter with a wide variety of beautiful butterflies that are common to the southern part of the nation. The common butterflies raised here include the Common Castor, Blue Tiger, Stripped Tiger, Common Jezebel, Crimson Rose and the Monarch butterfly. The park also has a museum of its own kind to witness the video show of the life cycle of a Butterfly and a galaxy of stuffed and preserved Moths and butterflies from all over the world.